Township sign Bremen Township
16361 S. Kedzie Parkway - Markham, IL 60428

Bremen Township
16361 Kedzie Parkway
Markham, IL. 60428
Administration   (708) 333-9530

Pace ADA Paratransit Tickets – For residents of Bremen Township, Pace Bus Tickets are sold ½ price.

Voters Registration – For any resident to register to vote or for a resident who has moved and needs to change there registration.

Assessor’s Office (708) 333-1591
In addition to maintaining Sidwell books, property transfer records and processing Building permits, the Assessor’s Office assists property owners, municipalities, Appraisers, etc. with various real estate tax functions including tax appeals, exemptions, Certificate of error applications, name changes,  identification numbers, and other Related items.

General Assistance  (708) 333-9530
General Assistance is offered to residents of Bremen Township who have no income or financial resources and are not eligible for Federal or State Assistance.

Highway Department(708) 333-9534   
Maintain roads in unincorporated Bremen Township

Notary – Free Service for any resident.